I bought my first koi in 1969 and introduced them to my already filtered goldfish pond. They prospered for a while but I soon learnt that they needed a more specialised and larger environment which I couldn’t provide. Therefore I gave up in 1975.

I started again in 1985 after acquiring my own property and joined the South East Koi Club in 1988. In 1989 I became a koi show volunteer and have remained as such today. In 1990 I designed the first automated benching program and became a member of the South East’s ‘wedstrijd’ team where I still remain. I became a member of the NVN in 2005.

I used to show my koi. Mainly at the South East Show but also some others in the UK. My koi’s best achievements were Adult Champion awards of which they won 4. Three by the same koi and one by another; only one was at the South East, the bigger of the shows I entered.

In 2003 I entered the BKKS judging program and qualified as a probationer at the end of the 2005 season, becoming fully qualified a year later. I became a ZNA Local Certified Judge in 2011. The Guangdong Chapter Koi show in Zhangshou 2014 was my 100th koi show in a judging capacity.