Size of Pond: 56.000 litres, concrete, fiberglass, kidney shaped raised pond, 14 koi with the size range 55-80 cm. 
Year Certified as Judge: Not certified yet, joined the BKKS judging program spring 2010, promoted to Probationary judge autumn 2012. Judged approx. 25-30 shows in the UK, Holland Koishow 2011, 2012 and 2013, South East Koishow 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Years in Hobby: Got involved in the hobby 2001 when the Malm family built a small garden pond. They did a new better and improved pond almost every year after that, until they built the pond they have today (2009-2014).
Affiliated Club and how many years: Joined BKKS 2010, founder of the Swedish koi club Koigalen (2012)
Positions held in clubs: Vice Chairman Koigalen Club, PRO Koigalen club, Show Chairman Nordic Koishow 2013-2014.
Other koi related activities : Written several Koi Appreciation articles for Koigalen Nytt, club magazine. 
Accomplishments: Non yet
Additional information
In the hobby since 2001. 
Founder of the internet based koi forum Koigalen (2006) that formed into the Koigalen club (2012). Founder of the Nordic Photo Koishow that was held the first time in 2009. An internet based koishow until they were ready to take the first step for a live show. Big success in Sweden 2009, 2010 and 2012 with the help of our fellow judges J
Held several seminars about Koi Appreciation for Swedish, Danish and Norwegian koi hobbyists. Helped the other Swedish koi club to arrange the first live show in Sweden 2012. Always keen to share his knowledge about koi for fellow koi keepers.
Lives with his wife, Mona and their 2 kids Filippa and Elliot in Asmundtorp, southern part of Sweden. The whole family involved and in love with koi.
The kids have their own kois in the pond, and have names.