I’m Anthony Grey from the North East of England.
I have been keeping koi since 2003 and I’m currently a Probationary British Koi Keepers Society Judge having started my training in 2015.
I’ve only just started to judge outside the UK in 2018 having judge in Germany and Holland.

I became interested in the hobby when my dad started building our pond in 2002 and the interest grew from there!
Along with my dad we have been showing our koi at a national level since 2006 and have over the years currently been to Japan 7 times.
We volunteer at the BKKS National Show, these past years working on the benching team and abmin.
We are also both very active members of the North East Koi Club and organizes the North of England Koi Show.
This hobby of ours is so interesting and there are so many different aspects to it.