Who are we, and what do we stand for. An introduction to the van Leest family.

Piet, Ada, Marc and Marie-Louise. Situated in Lage-Zwaluwe, Noord Brabant.

But let's start at the beginning, as most Koi enthusiasts started. Constructing a fish pond and buying fish. Gold fish and other brightly coloured fish. These colourful fish turned out to be Koi (carp).At the time we had no idea what Nishikigoi were or what caring for them entailed. Naturally, we became curious and asked around, only to discover that those little coloured fish the Nishikigoi, take a bit more maintenance than the goldfish. Actually, the nishikigoi is a pet that needs loving care and attention.
In short, they should be part of the family. (Do you want a pet? Be prepared to treat it well, or abandon the idea.)

This was a new world for us and so we decided to do some more research into it. Searching the Internet for information, we  all too quickly stumbled onto different advertisement sites with photos of Koi lying on patio tiles, that people could bid on. That’s just not right!!! There had to be a better way!!!

Thus the idea was born to set up an advertising site (koizoeker.nl) where we could  refuse the photographs where animals had to suffer. It wasn’t easy as a family, to compete against the already established general and advertising sites. We refuse to let go of  our inspiration NO ANIMAL SUFFERING

We continually develop our studies into the Nishikigoi as a pet/family member, and what is best for them. It follows that we also want to learn more about their environment and what would be best for our pets.  Yes, we really do see them as pets. Every family is different, as is every koi pond. Rigid form or natural, deep or shallow, everyone justifiably has their own preferences. It is your pet, therefore your views determine the development of the koi.

We need the wisdom and advice of others to give our koi the best care.

What mother isn’t proud of or wants advice on raising her child. We would like to offer you independent information about everything that goes on, everything that you can learn, beyond the Koigate, something that  cannot be offered by an advertisement site alone. Thus the name Koigate occured, after all we would like to  open the gate to information for you.
Our aim: "Koigate" a place where you can find all the information about  "your pet fish" Nishikigoi.

We offer independent links to koiclubs - forums, doctors, activities, shows, courses and free advertising for hobbyists.   We also offer space for koi sellers, shops, garden, pond, and food item producers to inform you about their products through a banner or item "under the microscope." Also we want you to have the opportunity to share your knowledge, information, news, funny stories, movies, etc (read call) through our hobbyists column.


As mentioned earlier, we believe that you are proud of your Koi, your IDOL and would like to have confirmation from others of how good your Koi is. This is now  possible with Koi-idol
Koi idol is a monthly internet election where every visitor can voice his / her vote or appreciation  of participants through a voting system. Don’t be shy, be proud of your Koi and register to participate in our elections.  All Koi may participate in the election, there are no restrictions regarding type, colour, or size, it's your Idol. Registration is free and may be done under the official name but it isn’t compulsory. If your koi is called Pipo, Spot , or Hot lips, you may enter under that name as well. This is a good competition for you but also for your Koi which doesn’t have to  be transported and can enjoy staying home, swimming in it’s own comfortable  surroundings and environment. All you need to do is take a photo of your favourite koi idol (it doesn’t even need to leave it’s pond for this!) and then enter your koi in our election!

You will remain anonymous as we at Koigate find that very important. After all, you don’t want to receive unwanted “visitors” Naturally, as owner of the winner, all praise and credit goes to you along with a certificate and trophy.

The winner of the 2009  Koi-idol finals also won their Koi on canvas by painter Marjon van Kasteren in addition to the trophy and certificate  Thank you Marjon.
Participation in the Koi idol competition is free and intended for hobbyists. The koi must be in your possession when you enter it. We also require original photos. The winners of each month are eligible for the winner of the year. The finals of the year will take place in January. The first koi-idol of the month will start in February.
Read more on our site, we'll keep you posted! Koigate has other interesting new ideas, which we will share
with you in the future. Koigate also makes use of message service Twitter so join us as follower and receive the latest news, first! Koigate hopes this has explained us and our motivation.
We hope to see you back as participant, visitor, advertiser, columnist or just to vote for your favorite Koi-idol.